I’ve had some pretty rocky relationships in my life–there’s been backstabbing, blatant manipulation, close encounters with pet murder, destruction of personal property (including but not limited to: arson, theft, bodily fluids, party-related breakage), et cetera. And, no, I’m not talking about any sexual or romantic relationships. I’m talking, strictly, about friendships. Although, if you’ve gathered anything from the above, I use that term loosely.

At least I used to. After learning the same lessons time and again, burning bridges and having my bridges burnt (see: arson, above), I’m happy to say that I’ve arrived at a place in my life where I understand what REAL friendship is supposed to be like, and I’m lucky enough to have some pretty spectacular people in my life–people who are dazzling and creative and just plain good. So I’d like to use this space in my blog to promote these people’s work–be it artistic, philanthropic, deviant, or downright odd. Not only am I lucky to have them as friends, but each of them is doing such wonderful, inspiring work that makes me so happy I could pee my pants. I love them all, and you should too.