Susie is my friend Maxine’s older sister. I used to nanny for her son, “Bubs,” and she’s just one of my favorite people in the world. When she mentioned how much she liked the CD I made for Maxine, I knew I had to create a special one for her upcoming birthday. She told me she listens to it over and over in her car, until her two year old son demands, “More Beethoven!” What can I say? The kid’s a musical prodigy.

1. “Your Protector” – Fleet Foxes
2. “Closer” – Kings of Leon
3. “Electric Feel” – MGMT
4. “You Really Got a Hold on Me” – She & Him
5. “M79” – Vampire Weekend
6. “Passing the Hat” – Cold War Kids
7. “Boy with a Coin” – Iron & Wine
8. “Oxford Comma” – Vampire Weekend
9. “Needles” – Lisa Hannigan
10. “Gone to the Dogs” – KT Tunstall
11. “Close Your Eyes” – Jump Little Children
12. “Flume” – Bon Iver
13. “The Great Escape” – Patrick Watson
14. “Falling Awake” – Gary Jules