I’m a huge fan of any photography done with Holgas, Duaflexes, or any other kind of cool, clunky camera that produces photos with that slightly dusty, warped, vintage look. James Spicer has a shop on Etsy where he’s showcasing his “TTV (through the viewfinder) series” of photographs. What makes these pictures so great? Look closer…all of the landscapes and objects in the photographs are miniature models! I love his concept–genius and slightly kitchy. Head on over to Etsy and give Mr. Spicer’s shop a gander.

Houses and Trees TTV photograph by James Spicer

Houses and Trees TTV photograph by James Spicer



Etsy is both the best thing I ever found out about and the giant black hole (well, one of them, anyway) that keeps me glued to the computer for hours at a time when I should be doing other things like writing my first book or showering. The fact that there are so many crafty, talented folks out there never ceases to fill me with gleeful amazement (and an acute sense of envy).

I come across tons of great stuff during my web-wandering, but I found these little soaps especially delightful. They’re hand-made (HA! Get it?! Eh…), and just the perfect combination of ingenious-creepy-charming that I happen to find terribly winning. Check ’em out, along with an array of other fabulous items from Foliage at Etsy.


I feel kind of like an a-hole when taking part in any form of self promotion, but…umm…that’s kind of what a blog is, right? Like, I expect (or flat out hope) that people are out there reading what I’m writing, so why not just run with it, eh?

Around Christmas 2008, I started making these greeting cards to stack up and give as gifts to my most beloved, slightly askew friends. (Call me cheap if you will.) When someone mentioned that I might actually try and *sell* the things, I laughed it off. I mean, they look like they were created by a demented four-year-old with sub-par drawing skills. But apparently, such a thing has its draw.

There’s nothing I enjoy quite as much as amusing myself in the privacy of my own home while my fat chihuahua looks on with an expression of mild concern. “Greetings, Cards!” helps me scratch such an itch.