I LOVE Latin music–flamenco, salsa, rumba–you name it, the stuff gets me wigglin’. I was a well-versed flamenco dancer during my high school years (and have sadly, over time, lost most of my best foot stompin’, skirt swirlin’ moves), and have learned the basics of salsa dancing (but would still embarrass myself on a dance floor with native salsa dancers), and my recent trip to Mexico inspired me to compile a playlist of some of my favorite south-of-the-border dance inspiring tunes. I know, the first two are by no means “Latin,” but they get my hips going, hence their inclusion.

I’m suddenly craving humidity and tequila. Weird…

1.  I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

2.  Heart’s A Mess – Gotye (a damn sexy song…just sayin’)

3.  Ventilaor Rumba – Ojos de Brujo

4.  Tive Razao – Seu Jorge

5.  Joven para la Rumba – Willi Gimenez

6.  Pa’Huele – Eddie Palmieri

7.  Pancha Remolino – Peru Negro

8.  Tamacun – Rodrigo y Gabriela

9.  Si Senor – Control Machete

10.  Son Fo – Africando

11.  Malo – Bebe