As a mentioned in an earlier post, several years ago I unknowingly started the tradition of making my mom a mix CD every Mother’s Day. She demands a new one every May, and sometimes in January–feigning forgetfulness to the fact that the CD corresponds to Mother’s Day, not Mother’s Birthday.

My musical selection for each album is not adherent to any particular theme. Aside from trying to steer clear of the death metal and whatnot, I basically just comb my music library for some new (to Mama, anyway) songs and artists she might fancy, with the philosophy of: “if it’s good enough for Mama, it’s good enough for the rest of us.”

1.  “Your Shining Eyes” — Biel Ballester Trio
2.  “Eli, The Barrow Boy” — The Decemberists
3.  “As Much as You Lead” — Lex Land
4.  “I Could Be Nothing” — Great Lake Swimmers
5.  “You Found Me” — The Fray
6.  “Wolf Like Me” — TV on the Radio
7.  “Bottle It Up” — Sara Bareilles
8.  “An Ocean and a Rock” — Lisa Hannigan
9.  “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” — Iron & Wine
10.  “Sweet Pea” — Amos Lee
11.  “Granada” — Emilio de Benito

Mama with her beloved, misbehaving dogs

Mama with her beloved, misbehaving dogs


I’m a terrible procrastinator. I wait til the last minute to do just about everything, especially when it comes to mailing stuff. I’ve been known to waste spend a fair amount of money overnighting packages that I could have sent off for much cheaper had I just gotten my act together in a timely fashion.

This impending Mother’s Day is no different. I slacked on Mama’s birthday back in January, so I have to be sure to make it up to her with a great M Day gift. This is probably the single time of year when I wish we lived in the same city, if for no other reason than to save on postage. I kid, I kid…

Mama loves homemade gifts, so I’m making her another volume of the infamous “Mommy Mix”–a tradition I unwittingly started several years ago when I made her first mix CD (another last minute “gift,” undoubtedly). She DEMANDS them every year. I’m also making her a little set of personalized stationary, employing my recently acquired (and still somewhat questionable) stamp making skills. And of course, there will be a card…

For the other well-meaning procrastinators out there, artist and designer Christa Baca is sharing a lovely, FREE card download on her website in celebration of mamas everywhere. Share the love.