Dear Buddha,

My boyfriend and I booked a trip to Cancun over a month ago–we did tons of research to find the best resort, and we’ve been counting down the days… We’re supposed to land in Cancun next Tuesday. Only now, with all this swine flu madness, we’re thinking about rescheduling our trip.

We’re both so frustrated and disappointed. I mean, we’ve been really looking forward to our trip! May is supposed to be one of the best times to go to Cancun. If we have to wait and reschedule for some time after the media hysteria dies down, there’s a good chance we’ll end up heading south of the border between July and September–hurricane season!

Seeing as you hail from Mexico, I was wondering if you had any advice. Should we just stock up on face masks and hand sanitizer, hop on the plane, and enjoy the near empty beach? Or should we wait it out, cross our fingers, and hope that hurricane season isn’t as severe as the current media storm?

Kiki Dupont

Dear Kiki,

Shame on the media for once again fueling mass hysteria, and essentially making a mountain out of a molehill (or in this case, a black plague out of a flu). Mexico has always been–and still is–one of the most ideal vacation locales. And let me temper your concerns by reminding you: there’s ALWAYS something for tourists to be wary of when visiting my beloved homeland, be it drug wars, corrupt policemen, or the infamous Montezuma’s Revenge. If you keep all of that in mind, what’s a little piggie flu on top of it?

I say you go ahead and get on that plane Tuesday. If things escalate while you’re south of the border and you’re not allowed back into the United States, the worst you’re looking at is a (forced) extended vacation! And if you do make it back home at the pre-scheduled end of your trip, you can expect many of your friends, family, and colleagues to treat you like a leper in the midst of a flare-up, but what’s a little shunning gonna hurt the all-around glow you’ve acquired during your week at the all-inclusive?

Enjoy your trip, as scheduled. Just one last piece of advice–and if you’re anything like me, this will be the most difficult pill to swallow: keep your tongue to yourself.

Via con dios,